When Patrick fiddled with one of Plankton's experiments, something went wrong! Portals were opened and all your favorite Nickelodeon characters became trapped inside the Memory Center within Pixel Town.

Now, it's up to you to find the right formulas to release them all and build your town.

Build a customized town using buildings and locations from all your favorite Nickelodeon shows.

Ever wondered what it would be like if The Krusty Krab was next door to Jimmy Neutron's lab? Wonder no more.

Place your buildings where and how you want them, and if you change your mind you can move them around. The freedom to create is up to your imagination.

Connect with real friends through the game, and visit their Pixel Towns.

Check out what their towns look like, and see how many characters and locations they've unlocked.

Terms of Services *

Title: Nickelodeon Pixel Town
Genre: Casual / City Building
Platform: App Store & Google Play
Size: 68MB
Minimum Device specifications: iOS 8, Android 4.1

Only available in SEA.